About Us

A little about Peak lyceum.

Peak Lyceum is a registered International School established in the year 2008 to provide excellent and holistic education from Crèche through to Junior High School. The pre-school department is located at No. 2 Adom Street, community 22 whiles the primary school department is located at Plot number 24, Yomo Adjeley St. Extension also in Community 22.

The name of the school was derived from an English word Peak, which stands for the top and Lyceum, which has a Greek origin meaning – learning centre.

This name was therefore adopted to partly depict our uniqueness as an educational institution and also espouse our strategic intent to be a great international learning centre.

Our Curriculum

We provide excellent and holistic education from Crèche through to Junior High School – for we believe with Christ-like faith, all things are possible and our pursuit of the power of knowledge especially in this present global competitive world will make us stand out.


The school currently runs the Ghana Education Service curriculum with a touch of the Montessori approach to teaching and learning. There are however plans to integrate an international curriculum into our setting in the nearest future.

We uphold the academic progress of each child very high and therefore take time to assess and review their performance each term.

Our grading criteria for summative assessment is as follows

90 – 100                               A = 1                      Distinction

80 –   89                               B = 2                      Excellent

70 –   79                               C = 3                      Very good

60 –   69                               D = 4                      High Average

45 –   59                               E = 5                       Pass

≤   44                                     F = 6                       Fail


The vision of Peak Lyceum is to raise transformational leaders for our nation Ghana, Africa and the world at large.


The mission of Peak Lyceum is to harness and develop pupils’ intellectual, social and moral capabilities to their full potential, taking them to the PEAK and making them relevant and responsible to their society and the world at large.